Coloring: All The Advantages And Benefits For Adults And Children

Why should we start coloring again, even if we are now adults? The main reason is straightforward: coloring promotes well-being at all ages. Maybe when we were kids, we loved to color, but over time we have left this activity out without realizing it.

The time has come to pick up pencils and crayons and try to draw and color on a beautiful white sheet. There are also numerous coloring books for adults and children and a multitude of drawings ready to be colored downloadable thanks to the internet.

In short, the opportunities to get closer to this pastime are certainly not lacking. And if we are parents or grandparents, it will be a pleasure to color with the children, as well as an opportunity to spend time together in a relaxing and constructive activity.

Coloring is relaxing and affordable for everyone. Psychology confirms the usefulness of coloring to combat stress. When we focus on a manual activity such as coloring, the mind is relieved of the worries and thoughts that constantly torment us for no real reason.

In particular, the activity of coloring stimulates the areas of the brain that deal with emotions while taking into account the importance of vision and coordination of movements. So coloring is not only relaxing, but it is a real gym for the brain since childhood.

Mandalas are symbolic representations of the universe according to Indian and Eastern tradition. Modern psychology regards mandalas as a representation of our self and the emotions we experience as we color. Carl G. Jung, in the last century, applied the art of coloring as a relaxation technique and also did it starting from mandalas as powerful symbols capable of having beneficial effects on the mind.

Tibetan monks create with infinite patience and then destroy fantastic mandalas created with thousands of grains of sand. We can create our mandalas with much simpler techniques such as drawing and painting. We can also print mandalas already designed and then color them. You can easily find coloring albums and mandala pictures for both adults and children. And if we are great small artists, we can try to draw and color our mandalas on small stones.

It is a pity that in compulsory school, the artistic subjects are most often underestimated, given that expressing one’s creativity by coloring and drawing is beneficial and essential for the growth of children.

Coloring and dedicating to artistic and creative works, in general, develop hand-eye coordination, trains the mind to recognize shapes and orient themselves in space, promote good relationships with others (think of a colored drawing with four hands), develop patience and a sense of innovation.

If you are used to thinking of coloring books as simple booklets for children, it’s time to change your mind. Now on newsstands and bookstores, there are coloring books for adults too with drawings that are rich in details. Thanks to a few touches of color and a lot of patience, you can turn them into real works of art page after page. However, the goal of coloring albums designed for adults is not only artistic.

The new coloring books are mainly based on mandalas, gardens, fantastic worlds, flowers, and other natural elements in black and white ready to receive new colors. The intent is to bring adults closer to the practice of Mindfulness, that is, the ability to find awareness of the present moment. The idea is that the mind engaged in the coloring activity can distract itself for a few moments from the events that have disturbed it during the day and focus only on something simple, beautiful, satisfying and relaxing.

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