Dating Apps, Tips Not to Meet a Cyber Criminal

Dating apps are like a blind date: you never know what pops up when you install them. As Valentine’s Day approaches, however, the risk of a virus coming up increases significantly. This is what Kaspersky says, which has published a number of useful tips to avoid risks.

The main problem, according to Kaspersky, are fake apps and sites: all the strongest brands of online dating, in fact “ “boast” a long list of clones: cybercriminals imitate apps and famous sites to get users to download infected files or visit phishing sites, where they will be asked for personal data for registration. Which, of course, will be false. Official dating sites and apps, in all of this, are also victims of cybercriminals who exploit their names, logos and graphics to scam users. According to Karspersky there are thousands of fake dating sites and apps.

Twenty apps, two thousand infected files

Doing a search for the only 20 most popular names in the universe of dating apps, 1,963 files that install fake apps pop up. Well 1,262 are clones of Tinder alone, another 263 are clones of Badoo. On the other hand, Tinder and Badoo (the real ones) are the Giants of global dating. Many users who want to use these two dating apps, therefore, run the serious risk of downloading the wrong app and running into some trouble.

Fake dating App: what you risk

The risks associated with counterfeit dating apps are many and all quite serious. One of the fake Tinder apps intercepted by Kaspersky, for example, actually hides a banking trojan that insistently asks the user for access permissions to the smartphone and, when the user gives up and grants them to him, tries to steal money from his online checking account. Another fake app instead proceeds to change its name itself in “Settings”, and then bombard the user with unwanted advertising.

Fake dating App: how to defend yourself

According to Kaspersky since early February the number of clicks on the phishing version of the site of People Media (known online dating service, which runs other specialized dating sites for certain groups of users) has more than doubled in view of Valentine’s day. A sign that users, in the spasmodic search for a partner to spend Valentine’s day together, lower their attention a lot. To defend against fake dating sites and apps the advice is the usual: always check one by one the permissions required by the apps, do not install apps from unreliable markets, inquire about the reputation of a dating site before visiting it, use a good computer security suite to protect yourself in the event of a click, or tap, wrong.

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