Elf Coloring Pages and Practice Number, Because coloring is good for body and mind

Coloring Elf or practice number by coloring is one of the first activities that teach us as children when we learn to handle crayons and markers. It is a fundamental activity, because thanks to it, children also begin to understand what it means to follow the rules: you cannot get out of the margins, and you have to choose the colors carefully. In recent years, many adults are also rediscovering the pleasure of coloring. Now it’s called “art therapy,” and there is a long list of books, but also monthly publications dedicated to this activity that has undergone a sort of “awakening” in England, and it also came early to us.

To start coloring, have a drawing and, optionally, markers, crayons, watercolors, or whatever you like. When this pastime involves you more and more, then you will realize how important it is to choose well the tools to be used. For example, crayons can be a little too hard, and fatigue your arm or markers could leave too many marks and make the final effect unpleasant. But with a little practice, you can quickly become a color professional and create real works of art that you will want to hang on the wall, or at least in the refrigerator.

Coloring: benefits for the mind

Coloring may seem like an effortless activity, but it is not exactly like that. However, it is indeed within everyone’s reach; it is cheap and requires no programming. It is a hobby that can be easily cultivated, and it is not even essential to be brought for art, just wanting to relax and stimulate one’s creativity.

Coloring is good for the mind because it promotes calm and meditation, alleviating anger, and frustration. The choice of colors is a way of expressing our mood or the mood that we would like to achieve: therefore, if we are sad, we try to choose cheerful colors; our mood will be positively affected. The excellent sense of fulfillment that gives us seeing a finished work is a real cure for our mind.

Coloring: positive effects on the body

When we color, we enter a state in which alpha waves prevail in our brain, those that favor the development of new ideas and intuitions. The body also benefits from this state, because the muscles become less tense and the beat slows down, giving us a feeling of relaxation as if we had undergone a massage.

The best time of day to engage in this activity is before going to sleep: it is a way to cleanse ourselves of daily stress and go to bed more relaxed and satisfied, reconciling sleep and a restful rest whose benefits we enjoy the next day.

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