Games To Do On The Balcony With The Children

Games to do on the balcony with the children

A balcony, even a small one, is a great fortune in this period. Let’s make the most of it with the children, to ease the limitation of a freedom that we are all experiencing.

Games to do on the terrace with the children

The balcony, in these weeks, can become a refuge for children – a somewhat magical place where children can be outdoors in the open air – obviously monitored. Depending on the age of the child and the size of the balcony, you can think of giving shape to this refuge, for example, with a curtain or even with a simple sheet attached to the windowsill or supported by two sticks. For very young children, or for those who have a very narrow balcony, cardboard that becomes his home, his office is enough to imitate mom and dad who go to work on the PC.

In this space, leave your child free to play and also to get dirty without too many thoughts, favoring in this period the recovery of creativity. Let it play with the earth or with the sand, to simulate the beach activities with the summer: yellow flour is also good, along with a bucket and water: children need to make some peace! It will be a way to remember the experience of the sea, of freedom, to enjoy a feeling that we are all losing a bit. If the children ask us why they cannot go out, we do not change from the speech: we respond serenely and remind them of all the beautiful things we have done in recent days.

Games on the balcony: sheets, colors, plans and imagination

The idea, therefore, is to let the children transfer their world and belongings to the refuge on the balcony. Let them bring dolls and toy cars, and that even an activity such as drawing moves outside, playing with the space available: if you have enough, bring out an old sheet to be painted, or a billboard. The children absorbed the dynamics dictated by the pandemic: they are likely to explain to their toys that they leave for a while and then return because there is the virus, and rightly so. Of course, gardening is added to normal indoor activities, ideal for practicing on the balcony: this is a guided activity, children must be accompanied in sowing, waiting, taking care of the seedlings that should be wet on alternate days, put in the sun and so on. It is a beautiful job that teaches the child to take care of something and has an almost poetic value.

An idea always on the theme of plant care could be to cut the bottom of a bottle, fill it with soil, and plant seeds in it. Two lateral holes must then be drilled to the bottle, to tie a string, one in front of the other. So the bottle can also be hung with a pin above the wall if the balcony is small.

Games to do on the terrace with the children: we prepare the gourmet snack

The balcony-shelter also lends itself well to becoming a place for snacks and special picnics. Children like preparation more than the activity itself, so encourage them to create a cardboard tray and cook a small snack together: a cake and biscuits will be fine, but enrich them with icing sugar. Choose drinks, glasses, and napkins, a tablecloth suitable for this purpose carefully. Don’t worry about the space; it will be fine even if very small: the beautiful thing is that with their imaginative power, children will never stop to look, to evaluate if a space is large or small; we adults do that. Children know how to travel with their minds, and their balcony-refuge can quickly become a large green lawn.

Online lessons and teaching on the balcony with the children

Children do not always want to participate in online lessons. If they find it difficult to follow the video lessons and distance learning, try to transfer them to the balcony too: changing the context is likely to change the reaction. Create the right place, put a mat and a pillow on the ground and create curiosity: who knows who will be beyond the screen? The older ones, of course, can also bring study books and novels, to read in the sun. On the balcony, you can listen to music, and you can also invent recreational-educational activities, for example, with puppets. Cardboard is enough to make a small theater. If there is a creative father in the family, he could build a mini-kite with his children to attach to the cornice, with the sticks of the skewers and tissue paper. Better, however, avoid ballets and games in motion, for a simple matter of safety. Even the soap bubbles, if floated by the balcony railing, have something magical.

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