How to Make an Anonymous Phone Call from Android and iPhone

To protect your privacy it may not be appropriate to leave your mobile number visible when making a call to unknown people or contacts. Fortunately with an Android smartphone or an iPhone it is very easy to make an anonymous phone call.

Just a few simple steps, and we can hide our mobile number when we make a call with the smartphone. All we have to do is disable the caller ID in the mobile settings. Not everyone knows how to do it, but below I will explain in detail the necessary steps.

How to hide caller number on Android

If we have an Android smartphone, to make an anonymous call we must first go into the phone app by tapping the icon with the handset present in the Home. Then tap the icon with the three dots at the top right and select Settings.

We now go to calls, select other settings and tap the caller ID option. All you have to do is select Hide number to make your next calls anonymously.

With the same procedure we can make our mobile number visible again when we make a call. The vista procedure is valid for Android 8.0, but it is very similar even with earlier versions of Google’s operating system.

How to hide caller number on iPhone

With the iPhone the steps to follow to make an anonymous call are even easier. We must first go into Settings, scroll through the list and select the phone option. In the calls section we tap the show caller ID option and from the next window we disable the show caller ID option.


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