I Lost my AirPods, How to Find it?

Each time it’s always the same story: after using AirPods to listen to music or your favorite podcasts from your iPhone, you forget to store them in their case and you are forced to go on the “treasure hunt”, to find them. Unfortunately, however, this time did not go as usual. In fact, you’ve been looking for your precious earphones everywhere but you just can’t find them.

Things are actually like this and you’re desperate because you don’t know how to track down AirPods? Then let yourself be told that there is no need to throw yourself into despondency. With today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to easily find your earphones by viewing their location from iPhone, iPad or computer. In addition, I will provide you with the step-by-step procedure for making AirPods sound, so as to simplify your searches.

What do you say? Are you relieved by this news and looking forward to finding your beloved earphones again? Then do not dwell further and deepen the topic above. Get comfortable, take as much time as you think is necessary and devote yourself to reading the next paragraphs. I assure you that, by following my directions and trying to put them into practice, you will be able to track down your AirPods and put them in their case in no time. Shall we bet?

Preliminary information

Before going into the detail of this guide and explaining, by word of mouth, how to track down AirPods, you should know that you can only try to find your earphones if they have been paired with an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, with Location Services and the Find iPhone feature enabled.

If, therefore, you are reading this guide for information, first I suggest you verify that you have correctly enabled the options just mentioned. To do this, grab your iPhone or iPad, access the iOS Settings, by tapping on the gear wheel icon present in the home screen and press on the privacy and location services options.

In the new screen that appears, if you haven’t already done so, move the location services entry lever from OFF to ON, then click on the share my location and find my iPhone options and move the levers next to the Find My iPhone entries, Enable offline search and send last location from OFF to ON.

Having done this, you need to know that you can only locate the location of the AirPods if the earphones are not discharged, are not stored inside their case, and if they are within the Bluetooth range of an iPhone or iPad associated with your Apple ID. In this case, you can also make each AirPod play: very useful feature to find one or both earphones, in case of loss.

If, however, the AirPods are out of range of all your devices, are discharged or inside their case, you can view the time (only if they have been online in the last 24 hours) and the place where they were connected last time.

How to track your AirPods

As mentioned in the initial lines of this guide, you can track your AirPods both from iPhone and iPad, using a special application installed “standard” on these devices; alternatively, you can act from your computer, accessing iCloud with your Apple ID. For all the details, read on.

From iPhone / iPad

To track down the AirPods from an iPhone or iPad equipped with iOS 13, or later, start the application Where he is, doing tap on its icon (the symbol of the radar) on the home screen, select the Devices visible in the menu located at the bottom and in the list of your Apple devices, press the option AirPods [name].

In the new screen that appears, you can see the position of your AirPods and the approximate address where they are located: if they are marked with a blue dot, it means that they are online (i.e. in the vicinity of your iPhone/iPad and out of their housing), and the displayed position is the current one; if, instead, next to their name is visible and a dot gray, the earphones are offline and the displayed position is the last location online.

That said, by pressing on the directions option you can receive directions to reach your AirPods (if the Maps app is installed on your device), while tapping on The Voice make it sound you can make your earphones sound for up to 2 minutes, in order to simplify the search.

After you find your AirPods, you can stop the beep by putting the earphones in the case and closing the cover, or by pressing the Stop option. If, however, you have found a single AirPod, Press on the option of your interest between left or right, to “mute” only the found headset.

It will be useful to know that the Play feature is available even if your AirPods are offline. In that case, by pressing the play button, the earphones will not make any immediate sound but, as soon as they come online and connect to a device, they will start ringing and you will receive notification on your iPhone / iPad.

What do you say? Do you have a device with an iOS version earlier than 13? In that case, you can rely on the Find iPhone app, whose operation is almost identical to the Where app of iOS 13. Start, then, the Find iPhone app and, if you have not already done so, enter the data of your Apple ID in the fields Apple ID and Password, then press the login button.

In the new screen that appears, tap on the AirPods option of [name], select the actions item and press the car icon, to get directions to reach the location where your AirPods turn out to be. If, however, you want to make the earphones sound, press the Play Sound option and each AirPod will start playing.

Again, if your AirPods are offline, with the “Play Sound” function, individual earphones will not start playing immediately but you will only receive a notification when they connect to a device associated with your Apple ID.

From computer

All you need to do to track AirPods from your computer is log into iCloud and use the Find iPhone feature, which lets you view the location of all devices associated with your Apple ID.

To proceed, start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and connected to the main page of iCloud, then enter the data associated with your Apple ID in the fields Apple ID and Password and click on the icon of the arrow to the right, to log in.

If you’ve enabled two-factor authentication, and the browser in use is still authorized to log in to iCloud, you need to take your Apple device (e.g. iPhone) and press the Allow button, to display a verification code of 6 digits, to be entered in the field provided on the website of iCloud: this procedure is necessary to verify your identity and allow you access to the iCloud services.

Having done so, click on the item Find iPhone, enter again the password of your Apple ID in the Password field and click on the login button. In the new page opened, you will be able to view a map with your Apple devices, marked with a green dot, if they are online, or a gray dot, if they are offline.

In addition, it will be useful to know that by pressing on the + and-buttons located at the top left, you can enlarge or shrink the map, while clicking on the Standard option you can select the type of map you prefer between Standard, Satellite and hybrid.

Having made this necessary premise on the general operation of “Find My iPhone” from iCloud, to track your AirPods, Press on the option my devices located at the top and select the item AirPods from the menu that appears.

If the earphones are charged, are located outside their case and in the vicinity of one of your iOS or iPadOS devices, you can view their current location. Also, by clicking on the Play option, you can play your AirPods to make it easier to search for them.

Each headset will begin shortly to play (the volume will gradually increase) and will continue to do so for 2 minutes: if you find the AirPods, you can stop the sound by pressing on the Stop option or, more simply, placing the earphones in their pouch and closing the lid.

What do you say? You only found one AirPod? In that case, it will be useful to know that you can press on the option Turn off to left or turn off to right, to turn off the sound emitted by a single AirPod and continue to sound the other. Also, if you lost your earphones in two different places, you need to know that on the iCloud map you can view the location of one AirPod at a time: after finding the first headset, click the arrow icon, to update the map and view the location of the other AirPod.

If, on the other hand, your AirPods are stored inside their case (or are out of the case but discharged) or are not in close proximity to your iPhone/iPad, you can view the time and location of the last time they were online.

In this case, clicking on the Make Sound option will not make any sound from the AirPods. However, the audible alert will remain pending (you can view the message, Play sound pending on iCloud), and, as soon as at least one of the earphones back online and connect to a paired device, you will receive a notification on your iPhone or iPad, to let you know that the AirPods are back available. Pressing on the notification in question, the headset will automatically start ringing.

How to track AirPods case

If you are wondering if it is possible to trace the AirPods case, I’m sorry to tell you that the answer is negative. In fact, as I explained to you in the previous lines of this guide, you can track and play only individual AirPods when they are out of their case.

If, therefore, you have lost the charging case, all you can do is initiate a replacement request: in doing so, you can buy a new case at the cost of 65 euros (85 euros for the case with wireless charging).

To require the replacement of the houses of your AirPods in the case of loss, linked to the official Apple website, select the options you AirPods and AirPods lost or missing, and in the new opened page, click on the item charging Case for AirPods lost or missing.

In the section How would you like to receive assistance?, choose one of the options available between Chat, to talk to an Apple employee in the flesh via chat and talk to Apple support now, to provide your phone number and book a call. Alternatively, you can click on the book replacement in-store option to make an appointment with Apple and go to an Apple Store in person, on the day and time indicated at the time of booking.

In the latter case, to complete your booking, you must indicate the serial number of your AirPods (is indicated in the original packaging, inside of the charging case) and, if you have the AirPods 2nd generation, also on each headset.

Alternatively, you can connect AirPods to your iPhone, go to iOS Settings, select General and Info options, and press on the AirPods entry in [name]. In the new screen that appears, you can find the serial number of your AirPods next to the serial number item.


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