In Singapore A Mix Of Nature And Technology Have Created One Of The Most Beautiful Parks In The World

We are talking about Gardens by the Bay, a reclaimed area of ​​over 100 hectares located in central Singapore and divided into three parks adjacent to a large artificial lake (the Marina Reservoir). The park can be visited for free from dawn to late at night while the countless attractions are subject to charges.

Supertree Grove

In this area, there are 12 of the 18 supertrees in the park, as tall as a 16-story building and made of reinforced concrete and eco-sustainable materials. These imposing structures are covered with photovoltaic cells to collect solar energy. At the same time, the trunks are formed by displays and dotted with LED lights that change color and project every kind of image, in the evening it becomes a unique experience, a bit like being at inside of the film Avatar!
Do not miss a 128-meter walkway that connects two of these trees at the height of 20 meters!

Flower Dome

Since 2015 in the Guinness Book of Records for being the largest glass greenhouse in the world. Flowers and plants from all Mediterranean areas, semi-arid and beyond.

Cloud Forest

In this fantastic structure, it is possible to admire, through a breathtaking view, a mountain shrouded in fog and covered by a forest that we would find at over 2000 meters above sea level. The “cloud forest” is made up of numerous sub-areas, such as the secret garden, with rare and endangered plants or the area of ​​carnivorous plants.

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