Peacemaker Game Review and System Requirements

Game Review and System Requirements

Release date: 2009
Genre: 1st Person, 3D, Action, Shooter
Developer: Burut CT
Publishing: GFI
Type of publication:
Interface language: RUS
Speech Language: RUS
: ratsforce

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
CPU: PentiumĀ® 4 2,8 GHz
Video card: 256 MB
Hard disk space: 4 GB

The situation on the territory of Primorye heated up to the limit. The internal security service of the FSB had information about the recruitment of one of its agents by Primorye special services. The traitor is trying to arrest, but he is running away and hiding in the territory of Slavia. Given the tense situation in the conflict zone, a decision is made to liquidate the defector without unnecessary noise. A special FSB agent with the call sign Zhivchik is sent to the task.
Features of the game:
Features :

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