Unreal Tournament 3 Special Edition Game Review and System Requirements

Game Review and System Requirements

Release date: 2007
Genre: 1st Person, 3D, Action, Shooter
Developer: Epic Games
Publishing: Midway Games
Type of publication:
Interface language: Rus
Speech Language: Rus

OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2/Vista
CPU: Pentium 4 2,0 ???
Video card: Nvidia GeForce 6200 with 128 MB of memory
Hard disk space: 7.5 GB

Describe the game can be literally in three words: “cult network shooter.” Under every word of this definition, millions of fans of the game around the world, including in Russia, are ready to subscribe. Once rival c Unreal multiplayer shooters eventually faded into the background, and only the Unreal Tournament series remained a game that never deceived the expectations of its fans.

Unlimited developers Unreal, studio Epic Games, offer players a third part – and are preparing to re-create the world of computer games, as it was in the late 90’s. Stunning graphics of the new generation, perfectly balanced weapons, absolutely unique game modes, great maps and tools for creating custom modifications – the brilliance and perfection of Legends can be seen in everything.
Features of the game:
Features :

Trailer and Gameplay

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